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Ex-Judge ROBERT KEITH MATHIS (OLDDOG) on St. Augustine Record Website -- We're Glad He Doesn't Live Here, Too!


olddog 05/12/15 - 04:35 pm 36Sure glad
"I am sure glad I don't live in the city and pay city taxes. What a waste of money! Almost as big a waste as buying the old car wash on the corner of King and Ponce and taking it off the tax rolls."

ROBERT KEITH MATHIS -- ex-judge, ex-prosecutor, nattering nabob of negativism doesn't like the 7-Eleven settlement.

On Easter Sunday last year, then State's attorney's homicide prosecutor, ROBERT KEITH MATHIS, wrongfully wrote that there was no FBI jurisdiction over the Michelle O'Connell case and predicted no FBI involvement. The ever-insensitive Mathis wrote:
Too true, Richard
It doesn't matter what the facts and evidence may prove, people like Clara have made up their minds what happened and nothing will even change their opinion. This was a terrible tragedy for all concerned, and none of us were there and know what actually transpired.
Bob Mathis 4/19/14 8:36 AM
No federal jurisdiction
The FBI has no jurisdiction in a State homicide case unless it also involves a Federal offense such as a Civil Rights violation, so don't expect a Federal investigation. To answer your other post, I was part of the Homicide Investgation Unit that first reviewed the case, both from the Sherriff's investigation and the FDLE investigation, before we turned it over the the Fifth Circuit State Attorney for review.
Bob Mathis 4/20/14 8:35 AM

Ex-Judge MATHIS, then State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA's henchman was wrong. FBI is now investigating Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR.

ROBERT KEITH MATHIS, son of segregationist bully JUDGE CHARLES MATHIS, was never held accountable by local news media as a judge and prosecutor. He is now retired. Good riddance.

At the time of Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR's illegal 2009 wiretapping of attorney-client conversations, JUDGE MATHIS posted to the St. Augustine Record website, mocking those concerned about it!
Here's what he wrote:
Does any of the first comment have to do with this stupid case??? Any idiot knows that all conversations in an interview room are audio and video taped, and Ms. Gennusa has been representing criminal defendants long enough that she certainly knows that. This is a perfect example of why people who file frivolous lawsuits should have to pay the other side's attorney fees and costs. She should be ashamed of herself!
Bob Mathis 12/10/09 7:34 AM
Don't forget
Ms. Gennusa is married to a deputy sheriff. I can't believe she didn't know the interview rooms were wired. She just didn't think to ask to have the equitment turned off before she talked to her client and decided to take the statement back. This is much ado about nothing.
Bob Mathis 12/10/09 4:03 PM
The Federal trial and appeals courts found it was a Fourth Amendment violation.
As I wrote last year:
To recap:
Judge Robert Mathis called the lawsuit "frivolous."
Judge Robert Mathis said the plaintiff should be required to pay defense costs.
Judge Robert Mathis called it a "stupid case."
Judge Robert Mathis said the plaintiff "should be ashamed of herself!"
Of course, Judge Robert Mathis in 2009 wrote under an anonymous name (olddog); his name is now publicly revealed, mutatis mutandis!
I am not going to say anything about "old dogs" and learning "new tricks," but his comment reflects:
(a) bias toward the Sheriff and against Constitutional rights;
(b) a lack of self-control;
(c) a lack of judicial temperament;
(d) a lack of civility;
(e) a lack of respect for dissent;
(f) a lack of respect for our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Fourth Amendment and Founding Fathers' wisdom;
(g) a lack of respect for the stare decisis of the United States SUpreme Court.
As both a judge and a prosecutor, Judge Mathis took oaths to "support, protect and defend" our Constitution.
Were his fingers crossed?
Did he mean it when he took this oaths?
With our Constitution having putative "friends" like Judge Robert Mathis, who needs enemies (or even anenomies)?
Judge Robert Mathis' "sins have found him out."
Judge Robert Mathis should apologize.
Judge Robert Mathis is the son of the late Charles Mathis, the 42-year county judge who sentenced the St. Augustine Four to rape-prone juvenile prison for demonstrating against segregation.
Forgive Judge Charles Mathis!
Forgive Judge Robert Mathis!
As our United Nations Ambassador, Adlai Stevenson said in Dallas in 1963, "I believe in the forgiveness of sins and the redemptino of ignorance." (He had just been spat upon by a mob of rightists dingbats).
Four federal judges -- one trial and three appellate -- have found that Sheriff SHOAR violated the Fourth Amendment.
Hooray for Federal Courts!
How pitiful is our State's Attorney's office that a prosecutor posted anonymous hate speech directed against a prevailing civil rights plaintiff?
RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA and his erstwhile mentor and former employee, Judge Mathis should "be ashamed" of themselves.

Robert Keith Mathis
Member in Good Standing Eligible to Practice Law in Florida
Bar Number:
10220 US Highway 1 S
Saint Augustine, FL 32086-8041
United States
10-Year Discipline History:
Law School:
The Florida State University College of Law
Graduation Year:
Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor

(So is that a badger, raccoon, a ferret or a coonskin cap on his mean 'ole head, or just a crappy mail-order hair-rug from China?)


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ITS CLEARLY A SKUNK SKIN...Daniel Boone was wearing a Racoon. Skunks are worn by evil hearted people like Msthis, he thinks Sheriff Shoar loves him for this corruption he contributed to.

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Hey, that Badger sure does look like the second photo, sorry skunks.