Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Carpenters House Appeal Filed: Regulatory Capture in St. Augustine -- Two of Five HARB Members Work for DAVID BARTON CORNEAL

Today I appealed from the April 20, 2015 demolition order for 105-year old CARPENTERS HOUSE BY April 16, 2015 2-1 Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB) vote (two members recused due to regulatory capture by Temple Destroyer DAVID BARTON CORNEAL. The issue will be heard by our City of St. Augustine City Commission. Let justice be done. CORNEAL did not even wait a day before destroying the building. In fact, he jumped the gun, against specific advice from City Attorney Isabelle Lopez, not waiting for the 30 day appeals deadline to pass. Shameful.

Carpenter House, which survived 70 years with its unique lean, did not survive the 2-1 vote of the St. Augustine Historic Architectural Review Board -- two members recused themselves because they are consultants paid by "developer" DAVID BARTON CORNEAL, who wants to put a Planned Unit Development and hotel for the wealthy in the last remaining primarily residential historic area, HP-1.

DAVID BARTON CORNEAL, of State College, Pennsylvania, patronizes neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

PUD moratorium! This shows how insidious PUDs are and have been. They are SPOT ZONING, nothing more. PZB made the WRONG DECISION, allowing the demolition of HP-1, a residential enclave, for a private enterprise, Corneal's PUD. This crook doesn't keep his word. Has anyone gone by 102 Bridge Street recently? No more construction activities. Is he out of $$$ ? That duplicate building is now scratched to provide stacked parking (valet) for clients of his PROPOSED ritzy BOUTIQUE hotels. Yes. David Barton Corneal: THE GREAT CONSERVATIONIST. He doesn't know the meaning of the word. Had he, he would NOT have annihilated the Carpenter's House BEFORE the appeal period expired. HARB is a MESS. Dump Marquis and Weaver. They rarely vote due to "business" with everyone who comes before HARB. Is this the BEST we can do for our HERITAGE? MARQUIS and WEAVER: RESIGN AT TODAY'S MEETING.