Saturday, May 30, 2015


Retired Judge ROBERT KEITH MATHIS, who helped cover up the Michelle O'Connell shooting case for District Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA, showed his prejudices again earlier today, commenting on a Carl Hiassen column: "olddog 05/30/15 - 08:27 am 22If Ed Ball
If Ed Ball, then president of FEC, couldn't make a profit running passenger trains, this group doesn't stand a chance. The biggest question is "who on earth wants to go from Miami to Orlando, or vice versa?". I can't imagine why anyone would want to go to either place, but if they did, why the train? The Orlando airport is not a hub, like Atlanta, so why fly from there instead of Miami? Why take a train to Miami so you can get mugged. But wait, you can get to Miami, rent a car and get carjacked! Now it makes sense." Cranky old ex-Judge MATHIS opposes energy-efficient passenger rail. Is there anything this cranky old man approves of (other than his bitter-segregationist-judge father)?

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