Sunday, May 03, 2015

Flagler College Students Libeled By DAVID BARTON CORNEAL: Threat to Rent to Flagler College Students If Hotel Not Approved for HP-1

Libel, slander and Lashon hara are being spread by steatopygous developer stereotype DAVID BARTON CORNEAL and his entourage. If our City of St. Augustine will not allow him to block-bust a fancy-bears $500/night hotel into a residential historic neighborhood, he'll rent to students. He threatens to rent to Flagler College students, as if they were horrible. How demagogic, if not demented or demoniacal.

Please do. We like Flagler College students. They're good renters, good people and good neighbors.

This soulless capitalist lacks appreciation for the heart of our City. We're a college town. We don't like Chancellor WILLIAM L. PROCTOR and his Edifice Complex and arrogance (or lack of tenure and lack of a faculty union). But Flagler College students are fine. Go right ahead and rent to them. Prediction: PUD DENIED. DENIAL SUSTAINED BY COMMISSION. COMMISSION DENIAL SUSTAINED BY THE COURTS.

St. Augustine's Fair Housing ordinance was last amended on December 10, 2012 to add "sexual orientation" as a protected class. We should amend it now to add "age" and "students," and include a provision making it unlawful to threaten to rent to people in a protected class as a means of obtaining zoning changes.

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