Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thanks to Alyse Sandborn for letter, "Tourists better than we renters?"

By Alyse Sandborn
Tourists better than we renters?

Editor: Shame on the St. Augustine elitists, for having the nerve to argue that “upscale tourists” in a residential neighborhood are “better than renters.” I shudder to think that is who we are.

Time will tell just what happens to a city that puts income from the tourist industry before the quality of life of its residents (think Key West).

Thank you to the Planning and Zoning Board for the time and attention you put into the Dow Property PUD application, especially to Cathy Brown and Matthew Shaffer for standing above the fray and seeing the long-term value in protecting our neighborhoods.

St. Augustine

esyladnas 05/10/15 - 11:59 am 00upscale tourist better then ANY renters?
I wrote his letter, in response to "upscale tourists" better than "any renter".

I live in this neighborhood and my neighbors are not elitist people. It is the elitist attitude in that statement that I find worrisome.

Fear was instilled in many, likely by the thinly veiled threat from the owner to "rent to anyone I want" and "letting the property crumble" if he doesn't get permission to turn it into a profitable hotel.

I think we can all agree that well managed properties (rental, condo or hotel) are relatively free from crumble. They also typically have rules about parties, noise and use of the property.

It is a shame that conversations about other uses were shut down by this.

I am sorry for the name-calling, it was unfair. And unfortunately very polarizing at at time we need to work together.

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