Thursday, May 07, 2015

Conman CORNEAL STRIKES OUT AT PZB -- Pyrrhic Victory Renders Museum Conversion Uneconomic

No event venue. That's the split decision of the Planning and Zoning Board on DAVID BARTON CORNEAL's OLD ISLAND HOTELS demand to turn the former Dow Museum of Historic Homes into a party venue. "We're f---ed," said CORNEAL's henchmen, ex-Vice Mayor DONALD CRICHLOW and current HARB Vice Chair PAUL WEAVER, III to each other, overheard.

Earlier, before the meeting, at or about 4:32 PM, CORNEAL and WEAVER discussed WEAVER's convincing the Sisters of St. Joseph to support the project in the courtyard outside the meeting room. PAUL WEAVER bragged to DAVID CORNEAL about his (WEAVER's) salesmanship prowess, and CORNEAL complimented him, saying WEAVER could "sell ice to eskimoes."

CORNEAL exclaimed, "I AM NOT A DEVELOPER," claiming he is a "conservationist."


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