Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Birthday Barbarism at St. Augustine Beach: Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS Acts Out Again (Updated again)

Pray for St. Augustine Beach Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS's troubled soul.

Pray for St. Augustine Beach Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS's troubled soul.

On December 7, 2015, Dr. Michel S. Pawlowski, retired FEMA executive, provided cakes and cupcakes for his daughter, Commissioner Undine Pawlowski George's 38th birthday, with the approval of longtime City Manager Max Royle.

Upon her arrival at the Commission dais, Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS shrieked to Mr. Royle: "Who did this? Ed? This is inapwopwiate." (New York accent in original).

Mayor SAMUELS took her birthday cupcake, uneaten, and marched it to the back of the room, acting out.

Mr. Royle followed in her wake, looking hurt and puzzled at the prima donna performance of the Mayor.

Commissioner Sherman Gary Snodgrass was present when SAMUELS issued her unkind uncouth ukase, but he did not respond or dignify her antics with an answer. (Commissioner Snodgrass ate his cupcake, as did the other Commissioners and City Attorney.)

Next, Mayor SAMUELS walked into the audience and proceeded to berate Dr. Pawlowski, demanding that he remove the baked goods table to the hallway.

When Dr. Michel S. Pawloski did not click his heels and move the birthday table fast enough to please Herroner, Mayor SAMUELS proceeded to boss and bully two overpaid City employees to remove the table to the hallway.

Only Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS could take a moment of birthday good feeling and ruin it thattaway before the meeting even began.

SAMUELS holds and keeps grudges, foremost of which is her grudge against Undine Pawlowski George, for running against her when SAMUELS ws first a candidate for Commissioner, and for being a lawyer representing a client in litigation with ANDREA and ROBERT SAMUELS. The SAMUELS have spread Lashon hara about Commissioner Undine Pawlowski George (e.g., "she's a Lesbian" and then bruited about the fact that she was dating former Mayor Ed George, to whom she is now married. The SAMUELS are petty vindictive people, as evidenced by their actions on the Pier Park protected activity, and use of the St. Augustine Beach Police for retaliatory purposes. Every time I speak at the podium (and when others speak), ROBERT SAMUELS can be heard in the back of the room muttering, like a veritable Greek (or Geek) Chorus of mashugganam malicious mopery.


ANDREA SAMUELS ceases being mayor at midnight on December 31, 2015, giving "Beach Blastoff" a whole new meaning.

No more insults, interruptions, dirty looks and favoritism.

No more ugliness and meanness from the indisputably disappointing first woman Mayor of St. Augustine Beach, ANDREA SAMUELS.

Mayor ANDREA SAMUELS showed her gracelessness and gaucherie early and often, personalizing everything and acting like the Republican Lord of All She Surveys, even refusing a cupcake from Commissioner Pawlowski's father.

How gauche and louche.

Celebrate the end of BOSS ANDREA SAMUELS' Reign of Error on this New Year's Eve.

Cheer lustily at midnight, for in 2016, ANDREA SAMUELS will no longer preside at Commission meetings. The new mayor will be Richard O'Brien and the new Vice Mayor will be Undine Pawlowski George. It is expected that wiser decisions and more reasoned discussions may now take place, without so much mediocrity and mendacity.

Bonus cheer: ANDREA SAMUELS' term as Commissioner expires if she is not reelected next year.
Several well-qualified candidates are considering running, despite the cod lock the St. Augustine Beach Civic Association has had on elections, operating as a de facto illegal political action committee, even donating $500 to the cause of a sales tax increase proposal that saves developers $150,000,000 in fees and taxes by raising sales taxes by one half cent.

I hummed the witches' theme from "The Wizard of Oz" after SAMUELS stomped around the room a few times. After the meeting, she accosted me and complained that I criticize her and say things that are untrue. She did not name (1) fact, and skeedaddled from the room when I started to remind the Republican Mayor of St. Augustine Beach how in 2009, she and her husband ROBERT SAMELS went to our St. Johns Democratic Headquarters, swore a loyalty oath as Democrats, and proceeded to vote against my proposal to support the St. Augustine National Historical Park and National Seashore. Now she is a registered Republican, who had planned to run for County Commissioner until her running dog, PRISCILLA "RACHAEL" BENNETT decided to seek another term. Does ANDREA SAMUELS even remember when she first sold out?

P.S. By popular acclaim, if ANDREA SAMUELS had a Secret Service password it would be "CUPCAKE."

P.P.S. I thought our local Mayors were not supposed to give orders to City Managers. Evidently CUPCAKE thought she was Republican Lord of All She Surveys. What a mean lugubrious goober.

P.P.P.S. Pray for ANDREA SAMUELS to love her fellow critters and to stop being such a haughty hater.


Anonymous said...

���� DiNG DONG the WITCH is Gone...����
Her hubby,Robert is a tour guide in the City of St.Aug.
I couldn't find a record , of a Tour Guide License.

Ed Slavin said...

He is a licensed tour guide in good standing. License number 603, since circa 2000.