Saturday, December 12, 2015

Where's List of Sheriff DAVID SHOAR's Friends?

If DAVID SHOAR is indeed running for Sheriff again in 2016, the evidence is lacking.  No filing with Supervisor of Elections.  No campaign contributions.  Could it be that SHOAR's reputation is lower than whale poop at the bottom of the SARGASSO SEA?  Could it be that none of the usual suspects -- locals and developers -- want their names to be reported as campaign contributors?  No self-respecting used car dealer or developer would want the baggage of anti-corruption boycotts, pickets or FBI investigations, would they?

Here are links to Mayor Nancy Shaver's letter, written after Mr. Bogdanich's article (before she was Mayor), and to the wealth of journalistic evidence on the Michelle O'Connell shooting:


See now-Mayor Nancy Shaver's December 2013 letter:     The world is watching us. See, e.g.:

The New York Times, "Two Gunshots on a Summer Night" by Walt Bogdanich & Glenn Silber (November 24, 2013):
PBS/Frontline,   "A Death in St. Augustine (November 26, 2013):   NBC News Dateline  , "Two Shots Fired" (April 18, 2014):  
Folio Weekly: Jeff Billman, "Somebody's lying -- An activist accuses the St. Augustine Record of bowing 
to pressure from Jeremy Banks' attorney. The paper accuses her of spreading misinformation" (September 17, 2014),,10912  
Dr. Phil, "The Mystery of Michelle O'Connell" (November 3, 2014):  
Folio Weekly, "Murder, He Wrote," by Susan Cooper Eastman (November 19, 2014),  
Folio Weekly, "The Proxy War," by Derek Kinner (March 4, 2015):  
New York Times, "Agent Cleared Over 2010 Florida Shooting Inquiry, but Lawyer Lashes Out," by Walt Bogdanich (August 27, 2015)

WJXT-4, "Deputy opens up on Michelle O’Connell shooting death,"

Photo credit: The New York Times   

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