Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rubio Helped Ex-Con Brother-in-law's License Quest: Abused Legislative Letterhead in Letter to Florida Real Estate Commission

South Florida Republican Florida lawyer-legislator and presidential candidate MARCO ANTONIO RUBIO used Florida legislative letterhead to give a character reference for his brother-in-law, an ex-con cocaine smuggler -- never disclosing in the letter that he was his brother-in-law or was living in his mother's house after release from federal prison after serving 11.5 years over selling 15 pounds of cocaine.  

Then Florida State House of Representatives Republican Majority Whip Marco RUBIO stated in a character reference letter that he had known the ex-con for more than 25 years and helped him win a real estate license.  

The ex-con brother-in-law then served as RUBIO's Realtor® when RUBIO bought his home.

Read all about it in the Washington Post here.  

Unethical?  You tell me.  Will the Florida Bar investigate?  Stay tuned.

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