Thursday, December 10, 2015

ODD TODD NEVILLE Must Apologize for First Amendment Violations

St. Augustine City Commissioner ODD TODD NEVILLE (R-Proctorville) has still not apologized for First Amendment violations -- using City staff to harass Historic City News with a demand for retraction, research on defamation litigation and a demand the City pay for his private grudge lawsuit. No apology.


NEVILLE must apologize and refund the City the money wasted on staff time for his Cato the Censor agenda.

Does being ODD TODD NEVILLE mean never having to say you're sorry?

"No class," as JFK said about RICHARD MILHOUS NIXON. That's true of NEVILLE and his mentors FLAGLER COLLEGE CHANCELLOR WILLIAM PROCTOR and ex-MAYOR JOE BOLES. Three of the meanest and most mediocre and mendacious men in St. Augustine -- NEVILLE, BOLES and PROCTOR -- call them the TBREE SCROOGES.

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