Monday, December 14, 2015

Mayor Nancy Shaver's First Year

I am in awe.
After 449 years of (mostly) autocratic rule, under Spanish, British, American and Confederate rule, our Nation's Oldest City, St. Augustine, Florida elected Mayor Nancy Shaver last year.
Tonight Herroner concluded her first year on the job.
Data-based decisions.
Listening to the people.
Keeping cool.
Defending our rights.
Righting wrongs.
Working in a bipartisan manner (even with Governor Scott).
Empowering professionals.
Asking good questions.
Demanding answers.
Working to make Our Town a better place for all of us.
Mayor Nancy Shaver may be vertically challenged (she's short), but she's ten feet tall in my book, and long on moxie.

Mayor Shaver welcomes the King Felipe VI of Spain, September 2015

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