Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Four Cronies Block Repeal of Anti-Art Ordinance: March 23, 2015 Video and City Commission Minutes

Watch, read and learn.
First watch 23 minute presentation and discussion, Item 11, here:
Then read the de minimis minutes:

11.A/ Presentation relevant to street performers on St. George Street.

Denise May, Assistant City Attorney, reviewed a presentation of an overview of the City’s street performance and vendor ordinance, regulations and possible alternatives.5 She advised that the City’s current ordinance had been before the 11th Circuit Court, and was upheld to be a valid time, place and manner regulation and was not content based. She said a significant amount of time and effort was put into drafting an acceptable ordinance. She stated that the current ordinance would be invalidated if street performers were permitted on St. George Street. She added that should the activity be permitted, it would be open to everyone and the Commission could not pick and choose what was allowed.
Mayor Shaver stated that one of the reasons the matter was requested to be reviewed was because she felt the streets were not lively. She questioned whether it was prohibited for an artist to set up and paint in the Plaza.
Ms. May replied that both the east and west Plazas were prohibited areas with the exception of the Market. She stated that artists could set up in most public spaces around the City and paint.
Isabelle Lopez asked if the Commission would support holding a workshop to discuss the matter in depth, and invite the stakeholders to provide input.
Commissioner Horvath stated that she would support entertainment related to Spanish heritage; however, the content of entertainment could not be chosen. She said developing the current ordinance was a very difficult process.
Commissioner Neville stated that the ordinance was created to resolve a public safety (sic) issue with pedestrian congestion on St. George Street.
Mayor Shaver questioned whether the matter should be discussed with the public in a town hall meeting format. 

Commissioner Sikes-Kline stated that there was a lot of negative tension during the development of the current ordinance. She expressed concern with revisiting the issue and said that it would be very time consuming. She felt that the Market in the Plaza was the most optimal space for street performers, artists and vendors.
Commissioner Freeman stated that the City took the safest legal route when the ordinance was developed but felt that it could be improved; however, there had to be a consensus to review alternative options.

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David Nails said...

The negative publicity from this is spreading all over the national news today. It's getting more coverage than the 450th did. Bad move for a town looking to profit from tourism.