Friday, December 18, 2015

Monday, December 21: Artists Picket City Hall, St. George Street & Chamberpot at Noon

Come join artists, musicians and residents picketing St. Augustine City Hall, St. George Street and the St. Johns County Chaamber of Commerce a/k/a "Chamberpot," responsible for banning artists and musicians from our streets. "Our streets are not lively," as Mayor Nancy Shaver says, but the Gang of Four on City Commission won't even discuss changing laws criminalizing art, music and having fun in our historic area. They're camp followers taking orders from ex-Mayor LEN WEEKS, most noted for illegally destroying a 211-year old Spanish colonial building, working without permits, and for his all-white ST. AUGUSTINE SISTER CITIES ASSOCIATION, INC. refusing to respond to Open Records and Sunshine requests.

Prevailing artist civil rights plaintiff Bruce Kevin Bates in the 2009 federal court decision by Judge Marcia Morales Howard in Bates et al. v. City of St. Augustine was picketing First Friday Art Walk, pointing out that the City of St. Augustine is still violating the First Amendment. Hundreds of tourists and locals have seen Bruce's signs.
That's the point -- other than Mayor Nancy Shaver, who says "our streets are not lively" our City officials are callously indifferent to lawbreaking violating First Amendment rights.
The BOLES-WEEKS Confederacy of Dunces is still in control of most of our City COmmission.
A second federal court decision by Judge Brian J. Davis is expected soon, challenging some eleven city ordinances as unconstitutional, banning visual artists from painting.

Plaintiff Bruce Kevin Bates picketing. Photo credit: Charles Dickinson

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Anonymous said...

I am an artist and also have issues with how the city makes it incredibly difficult for artists to exhibit, perform, or sell their art. Any groups out there that united in taking on City Hall?