Sunday, December 20, 2015

Investigative Reporting Is Back at the St. Augustine Record

While running two pro-Sheriff SHOAR puff pieces only yesterday, on December 19th, The St. Augustine Record delighted and informed its readers today on Sunday, December 20th with a page one 3235 word investigative story about the for-profit, corporate-owned University of St. Augustine allegedly defrauding students.

The online headline is weak, but the print version headline leaps off the page.

Colorful, evocative print headline:
"Did the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences DELIBERATELY MISLEAD STUDENTS? Nor eligible for state licensure, students say they are 'unemployable' after spending more than $70,000 for graduate degrees at college."

Dull online headline: "University of St. Augustine challenges lawsuits filed by former orthopedic students"

Thank you, Jake Martin, Craig Richardson and Delinda Fogel: investigative reporting -- there is no substitute.
It's why our American Founders put the First Amendment first.

Once upon a time, there was investigative reporting at the Record, as in 2000, when then-Editor Jim Sutton investigated six greedy local capitalists' nefarious scheme to steal the American Legion building.  The scheme was halted by the Circuit Court.

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