Monday, December 28, 2015

EX-JUDGE ROBERT KEITH MATHIS ULULATES, AGAIN -- Son of Segregationist Judge Who Incarcerated St. Augustine Four; RKM Helped R.J. Larizza Coverup Michelle O'Connell Case as Homicide Prosecutor

Writing as "old dog" on The St. Augustine Record website on Easter Sunday 2014, Judge ROBERT KEITH MATHIS claimed the FBI had no jurisdiction over the Michelle O'Connell case. The FBI is investigating now.

Here's ex-JUDGE ROBERT K. MATHIS' latest comment, on the St. Johns County School Board's SLAPP lawsuit against Open Records requester Jeff Gray:

olddog 12/27/15 - 07:53 pm

His real interest
His real interest is obviously getting videos for his pathetic website and trying to setup some government entity to bring a lawsuit to try to get an award of attorney fees that he can split with his attorney. The public records law serves a valuable purpose, but is easily and frequently abused. If he really wanted these records, for a legitimate purpose, he would request them, in a reasonable manner, so that the custodian would have the chance to find them, insure that any sensitive exempt material was expunged, and then furnish them, after the ministerial costs involved were paid. He's just like the shysters who set up business owners to create lawsuits over handicap access issues, solely for the purpose of obtaining attorney fees.

So the son of a segregationist judge, ex-Judge ROBERT KEITH MATHIS, thinks "The public records law serves a valuable purpose, but is easily and frequently abused." Glad he's not deciding Open Records cases. Glad he was "outed" by the Record when it revealed the names of all of its commenters, some of them vicious non-subscriber KKK-style commenters, for a year.

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