Monday, December 28, 2015

Two more reasons why we're glad ex-Judge ROBERT KEITH MATHIS Has Retired: Segregationist Judge's Son Helped Coverup Michelle O'Connell Case

Judge ROBERT KEITH MATHIS's late segregationist father, Judge CHARLES MATHIS, sentenced the St. Augustine Four civil rights protestors to juvenile prisons where they were raped and beaten. Father and son MATHIS judges were notorious bullies on the bench.

Earlier this year, the retired, rebarbative Repubican embittered ex-Judge ROBERT KEITH MATHIS managed to offend the United States Supreme Court, the presumption of innocence, juvenile justice standards and environmentalists, all in two comments written on two days in August, 2015:

olddog 08/22/15 - 08:12 am 50And don't forget
The Supreme Court has ruled that juveniles, like these three and the one who murdered the clerk, cannot be sentenced to death. There is the strong probability that they cannot be sentenced to life in prison without the "meaningful chance of parole". This decision was made by Justices who have never dealt with criminal defendants like these guys in person, and have never looked in their eyes and seen the pure evil in them.
olddog 08/11/15 - 05:17 pm 10You gotta love it
You gotta love treehuggers. Their theory is that if the river is dredged deeper, more salt water will enter the river and therefore the wate will be salt or brackish further upstream. I can understand legitimate concerns about excess drawdown of fresh water upstream increasing salinity, but the fact the water is deeperin the channel will not increase the amount of salt water coming into the river. Just another waste of taxpayer dollars.

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