Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Justice for Ukraine: What Will Be The North Florida Way of Sanctioning Russia?


1. I've asked our local and state governments in Florida for documents on Russian kleptocrats' investments today.  Request No. 2022-62. 

2. Today the Attorney General announced the creation of the Task Force KleptoCapture.  Share your information with USDOJ and FBI.

Here's the original February 28, 2022 story:

The North Florida way of sanctioning Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs must be to identify every single investor, partner and beneficial owners in every single development project.  

As Joe Louis would say, Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs "can run, but they can't hide."  

Justice for Ukraine. 

Good column by Frank Cerabino in Palm Beach Post:

The owners of many condos in Trump Tower II and III in Sunny Isles Beach have ties to Russia, The Miami Herald has found.

The South Florida way of sanctioning Russia for Ukraine invasion | Frank Cerabino

Russian investments in Sunny Isles Beach condos might be a good place to levy sanctions against Putin oligarchs over the Ukraine invasion.

Frank Cerabino
Palm Beach Post

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