Wednesday, March 02, 2022

House Speaker Designate's corporate law firm partner has represented Russian oligarchs

DANIEL B. NUNN, JR. is a partner in 650 lawyer corporate law firm, NELSON MULLINS.

He has represented Russian oligarchs in the United States, including ITERA, an oil company owned by Putin associate IGOR MAKAROV, who has a large Jacksonville, Florida office building at 9995 Gate Parkway, Suite 400, and a large yacht based in St. Augustine. 

NUNN's "Of Counsel" is our Florida House Speaker Designate, PAUL RENNER, a Republican and peripatetic political tourist.

RENNER moved from Jacksonville to Palm Coast after losing a legislative race in Jacksonville by a narrow margin. 

 In 2015 special election, NELSON MULLINS lawyer PAUL RENNER was elected to represent the lower half of St. Johns County and Flagler County in the Florida State House of Representatives, but the Republican mainly represents the wealthy and their corporations 

Small world.  

What did PAUL RENNER know about MAKAROV and other Russians with interests in businesses and properties in St. Johns County, and when did he know it?

Florida House Speaker Designate


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