Wednesday, April 19, 2023

ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: Pro-Trump PAC attacks DeSantis with 'pudding fingers' ad, critics call it 'childish'. (The National Desk)

Gotta love the DeSANTIS vs. TRUMP food fight currently exposing the extreme pettiness and childishness of the No. 1 and No. 2 Republican pretenders in the 2024 Presidential race. 

From Reichwing Sinclair Broadcast Group's The Natioanal Desk: 

Pro-Trump PAC attacks DeSantis with 'pudding fingers' ad, critics call it 'childish'

FILE: Chocolate pudding in mixing bowl (SBG FILE)
FILE: Chocolate pudding in mixing bowl (SBG FILE)

A political action committee (PAC) that supports former President Donald J. Trump has released an advertisement mocking Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for allegedly eating pudding with his fingers.

Back in March, The Daily Beast reported that DeSantis was once spotted on a private plane devouring a pudding cup, not with a spoon, but with three of his fingers. It was part of a broader report focusing on DeSantis's alleged issues with being seen as personable by not only voters but by his own staff.

In a new advertisement released over the weekend, pro-Trump PAC "Make America Great Again (MAGA) Inc." shows a person eating pudding with their fingers while a voiceover blasts DeSantis, who is seen as Trump's biggest rival for the Republican nomination for president in 2024.

Ron DeSantis loves sticking his fingers where they don’t belong. And we’re not just talking about pudding," the ad says while a faceless man sloppily eats pudding with his finders. "DeSantis has his dirty fingers all over senior entitlements, like cutting Medicare, slashing Social Security, and even raising our retirement age."
Tell Ron DeSantis to keep his pudding fingers off our money," the ad continues. "Oh, and get this man a spoon!"

MAGA Inc. also shared the advertisement on its official Twitter page. The ad was met with a lot of criticism and, in some cases, disgust. However, some were receptive,mocking DeSantis for the alleged eating habit.

Some online called the ad "horrible" while others called it "cringe." Some stayed away from choosing sides between Trump and DeSantis and simply floated the idea that "this primary is going to be amazing."

In the media, conservative pundits apparently found the "pudding fingers" ad to be in bad taste. Fox News host Neil Cavuto said the ad was "childish" and "insulting," among other descriptions.

It is insulting not only, you know, to push ads and promotions like this, but to think the American people would buy it or should be exposed to it...I know I’m naive... I just find it idiotic,” Cavuto said on a Friday episode of "Your World."

Another Fox News member, Daron Shaw, agreed.

The former president’s a little like that junior high-school bully who managed to find the one thing about everybody’s appearance that, you know, that made them uncomfortable, that made them insecure, and would hone in on that to sort of elevate himself and make them feel bad," Shaw said.

Former deputy chief of staff for George Bush's White House, Karl Rove, told Fox News that he thought the ad was "stupid" and that it revealed Trump's fear of DeSantis as a presidential primary opponent.

Donald Trump is worried about Ron DeSantis,” Rove claimed. “Otherwise, why would he be out there now before DeSantis is even a candidate?"

However, some publications apparently thought the ad was at least somewhat of a win for Trump's team. New York Magazine hosted an article from "Intellegencer's" senior editor Margaret Hartmann that called the ad "disgustingly good."

Does Team Trump’s turning this idiotic story into an actual campaign ad represent a new low in American politics? Probably. Am I just pointing a pudding-coated finger at myself by admitting that I really liked it? I guess. But if we can’t escape this unhealthy political discourse, at least we’re still getting some enjoyable confections," Hartmann wrote.

DeSantis has already denied the pudding-eating habit allegations, saying that he didn't "remember doing that" during an interview with Fox News.

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After the phoney culture war and the religious legislation has flopped, what will the right wing do then? Stop collecting taxes? How will they get votes after all the political theatre is worn out?