Friday, April 07, 2023

Wild Turkeys: Spare Parts for Board of County Commissioners, Growth Management Department and Developers?

On the campus of the St. Johns County Board of County Commissioners, Growth Management Dept., Sheriff's Department and other County offices are a flock of wild turkeys!

This is pure poetry in motion.   Some of the SJC BoCC, Growth Management and the Dull Republican Courthouse Gang's control group -- devious developers, led by developer-Senator TRAVIS HUTSON -- are Smirky Turkey Society Charter Members.

Are those turkeys wandering around outside spare parts? 

You tell me.


Anonymous said...

Yeah got some bad genetics in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Need to work on wage growth. Publix 2021-2022 $14 billion in profits and only $205 million in wages. You go in there and they got a handful of 18 years olds working there, handful of blue hairs, and your occasional disabled individual. You think, "How nice. Diversity right?" No, the crackers know they can get away with paying those groups shit. I thought, my God the genius of that. To appear socially responsible and progressive on the outside while you grift everyone to a husk. Take money out of the community in Florida by the plane full and move it to Kentucky (expansion) where you can pay people even less to offset minimum wage increase in Florida. I thought, my God the criminal genius of that.