Saturday, April 29, 2023

One party rule leads to what, my friends?

The other-directed, unqualified, inbred maladministration of our  overdeveloping St. Augustine and St. Johns County, our two (2) itty-bitty Cities, and our horribly mismanaged County government here could not manage a two-car funeral. We now know that they are not "conservatives" -- taking other people's money to subsidize secretive developers like developer-Senator TRAVIS JAMES HUTSON. Enough. 


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the big league hogs are gouging each other's eyeballs out to be the next empty suit. Epic meltdown of a political party.

Anonymous said...

It's not the overdeveloping.. but the mis-developing. Cookie cutter residential neighborhoods in the far flung regions of the county. Should be mixed use residential and commercial if they are going to build things. Also more people have to drive longer distance to work in these arrangements which brings more pollution and wasted time commuting... wasting people's lives and time with family. Kids turn out worse in these arrangements. Trapped in neighborhoods with nothing to do that isn't 10 miles away... limited number of other kids to hang out with. These Republicans create social, economic, and environmental disaster I'm telling you. Anything to feed their own fat asses, political goals, and of course the rich.