Friday, April 21, 2023

Top Republican lawyer tells donors conservatives should work to limit voting on college campuses. (The Hill)

This is Oklahoma Republican lawyer CLETA B. DEATHERAGE MITCHELL, and her audio tape recorded confession of animus against college students voting is now in evidence in the court of public opinion.  A vocal Donald Trump "Big Lie" propagandist, CLETA B. DEATHERAGE MITCHELL, calls herself a "conservative." That's a lie. She's a fulminating fascist NRA supporter. 

No, my friends.  CLETA B. DEATHERAGE MITCHELL and her ilk -- these Wacky Wicked Wealthy Dull Republicans (Wacky WWDRs) -- are nor "conservatives" at all.  

They are fascists and their electoral hopes are doomed -- college students don't like them, and with good reason.  Rather than attempt to persuade young people, Wacky Wealthy Dull Republicans want to exclude them, just like minorities.  So revealing.   

Disgraced former FOLEY & LARDNER partner, longtime NRA lawyer's confession is stunning.

I've reported about the lack of a welcoming spirit toward college students by county and state officials. This taped confession by CLETA MITCHELL is inculpatory, and deeply disturbing.

Voter suppression as public policy -- that is what WWDRs (Wacky Wicked Wealthy Dull Republicans) do,   They are fiends, my friends, and we must reject and expose their devious works and pomps.

From The Hill:

Top Republican lawyer tells donors conservatives should work to limit voting on college campuses

BY JULIA SHAPERO - 04/21/23 10:51 AM ET

A top Republican lawyer told donors at a Republican National Committee (RNC) retreat last weekend that conservatives should work to limit voting on college campuses.

Cleta Mitchell, a GOP lawyer who assisted former President Trump in his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, called on Saturday for Republicans to “combat” efforts to turnout college voters — a group that significantly tilts Democratic. 

“We need to be looking at, what are these college campus locations and polling?” Mitchell said in audio of the presentation obtained by journalist Lauren Windsor. “What is this young-people effort that they do? They basically put the polling place next to the student dorms, so they just have to roll out of bed, vote, and go back to bed.”

She specifically pointed to Wisconsin, where liberal Judge Janet Protasiewicz won a state Supreme Court race earlier this month. With Protasiewicz on the bench, the Wisconsin Supreme Court will have a liberal majority for the first time in 15 years.

“Wisconsin is a big problem … because of the polling locations on college campuses,” Mitchell added. “There are 501(c)(3)s. Their goal for the Supreme Court race was to turn out 240,000 college students in that Supreme Court race. And we don’t have anything like that, and we need to figure out how to do that and combat that.”

In addition to Wisconsin, Mitchell also focused on campus voting in several other battleground states, including Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and Virginia, as well as the preregistration of students under 18 years of age, according to The Washington Post, which obtained a copy of the presentation.

Mitchell previously garnered national attention for her participation in a January 2021 call between Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in which the former president asked the top Georgia election official to “find” 11,000 more votes for him in the state.

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Anonymous said...

They are so desparate to win national elections that they will do anything... anything but appeal to more people through policy that does the greatest good for the most amount of people. They're dead set on imposing and enforcing dry culture onto the population and continuing the trend of wealth transfer to the top 10%. They'll pull the plug on grandma to make it happen if they have to.