Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another Developer PUD Extension? SEBASTIAN INLAND HARBOR PROJECT ON May 23, 2016 Docket for CIty Commission

Why 10 years?  Because overbearing corporations attorneys demand it?  Not a good reason.

The project was once supposed to include a Westin Hotel.  Or so the project's then-lawyer, the late GEORGE MORRIS McCLURE falsely claimed, enabled and empowered by Mayor JOSEPH LESTER BOLES, JR.  Mayor BOLES acted like he was in on every shady deal in St. Augustine, never questioned a word GEORGE McCLURE and ROGERS TOWERS clients like ROBERT MICHAEL GRAUBARD said, and acted like he was chief clerk at a country store, giving away the store.

Now we have Mayor Nancy Shaver, who has a brain, a conscience and the best interest of our City at heart, and knows how to read a business plan, do math in her head, ask questions and demand answers.

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Tom Reynolds said...

This place is going to be Beautiful. It is about time the Nations Oldest and Direst City starts to Class up a bit !