Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Odd Flagler SGA President Remark Re: "Troublemakers"

The incoming President of the Flagler College Student Government Association (SGA) made an unfortunate, ill-adivsed remark about "one or two troublemakers" in the context of town and gown relations. The remark was in a twice-repeated Flagler College Radio broadcast, "The Flagler Files."

As the Humphrey Bogart character said in the classic movie, Casablanca, "here's looking at you kid," and hoping that Flagler College will teach students more about appreciation for First Amendment protected activity.

 We, the People have a right to be critical of Flagler College's Lebensraum expansionism into our town and its lack of tenure and academic freedom for faculty.  Flagler College has a Sheriff DAVID SHOAR AWARD FOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION.  That tells you a lot.

The term "troublemakers" is freighted with animus against protected activity.

"Only a few troublemakers opposed us."
-- Fritz Sauckel, Nazi Gauleiter of Thuringia and Labor Minister over forced labor, upon his arrest.
Ann Tusa & John Tusa, The Nuremberg Trials @ 38

Nazi Gauleiter Fritz Sauckel expressed the same sentiment as too many government and business leaders.

Our misguided government leaders, from City Hall to Washington, D.C., refer to ethical people as "troublemakers" and as "not team players.

We know what they really want -- fawning obeisance and yes-people.

Too many workplaces are tyrannies -- like Flagler College under "Massa Proctor," a/k/a WILLIAM L. PROCTOR, perhaps the meanest man in town, in close competition with Sheriff DAVID SHOAR.

Tyrannical workplaces are typified by the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation air pollution regulatory manager who in the 1990s told his subordinate supervisor that the State of Tennessee owned his mind for 7 1/2hours a day, and that if he told him to jump off a roof, he must “jump off a roof.”

We need more ethical employees and fewer Fritz Sauckels and WILLIAM PROCTORs.

We need more "troublemakers" and fewer corrupt crypto-fascists.

For the record, the Nuremberg Trials heard the evidence of Fritz Sauckel's war crimes against humanity. They convicted Fritz Sauckel of war crimes.

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