Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Police accreditation overrated: Cato Institute

Local online editorial on police accreditation is a snare and a delusion.
Read Cato Institute study here.  Seems like no correlation between accreditation and misconduct.
Accreditation is all about PR.
Sheriff SHOAR's St. Johns County Sheriff's Department is both fully accredited and under FBI investigation.
The accreditation knock on SAPD seems like a cheap shot on SAPD and an effort to help three-term incumbent Republican Sheriff DAVID SHOAR take over SAPD as he struggles in his re-election.
We, the People stopped SHOAR in his tracks when he tried to take over St. Augustine Beach Police Department, after then-Mayor Andrea Samuels et pals voted 3-2 to fire the entire police force because they blew the whistle on alleged misconduct -- blatant First Amendment violations.  We stopped them.
The unsophisticated, sophistical arguments in MICHAEL GOLD's HYSTERICAL CITY NEWS -- were on the same day as the uncritical publication of a defamatory attack on the Michelle O'Connell family by rebarbative Republican St. Johns County Sheriff DAVID BERNERD SHOAR f/k/a "HOAR."
Those hollow arguments on "consolidation" have but one purpose -- attempting to get SHOAR's nose under the proverbial tent, as at St. Augustine Beach, in the hopes of an eventual St. Johns County Sheriff's office takeover of local law enforcement agencies.
Consolidation -- we don't need it.
What do y'all reckon?

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