Monday, May 30, 2016

UnAmerican Activities, Unpatriotic Politicians Chill Free Speech Rights; AWOL on Memorial Day

You know who you are.
Past and present elected and appointed government officials in St. Augustine, the Beach and St. Johns County.
You weren't in attendance at the Memorial Day service at the National Cemetery this morning.
You make a show of saluting the flag, but you don't believe in "liberty and justice for all."
In fact, some of you have actually had people arrested in retaliation for First Amendment protected activity.
Or you've had employees fired for it.
Or you've threatened speakers in public comment.
Or you've threatened records requesters.
Or you've toyed with the notion of government funded libel lawsuits.
Or you've chilled, coerced and intimidated protected activity.
Sought to get people fired.
Stirred up criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits to chill free speech rights.
You've made unjust, unconstitutional laws against art and music in our Nation's Oldest City.
Again and again and again.
You're unAmerican.
You're cruelly unfair.
You resemble the segregationists who were in charge in 1964, who led Dr. King to call St. Augustine "the most lawless city in America."
Your reign of error is nearly over.
Your time is ending.
We, the People, see right through you.
On this Memorial Day, we contemplate the courage of real Americans, who gave their lives for our freedoms.
We contemplate American heroes.
And find all of y'all lacking.
Go away.
Face electoral defeat.
Answer grand jury subpoenas.
Face criminal indictments.
Face lawsuits.
Provide government records, without further delays.

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