Tuesday, May 24, 2016

O'CONNELL MURDER: Incompetent M.E. PREDRAG BULIC Interviewed

In a May 23, 2016 interview with photo-journalist Jeff Gray outside St. Johns County Administration Building, our St. Johns County medical examiner PREDRAG BULIC, M.D. admits to knowing about Michelle O'Connell's broken jaw "all along," claiming that Dr. Anderson's finding of homicide was a "made up finding to sell the news" and that "the [O'Connell] family's peddling that" to support criminal prosecution of Deputy JEREMY BANKS. Dr. BULIC claimed "the jaw splits" as "part of that constellation of injuries" when you shoot a gun in your mouth, ignoring the other wounds consistent with domestic violence, including the hole in Michelle O'Connell's eyelid. At the behest of political boss Sheriff DAVID SHOAR, five St. Johns County Commissioners renewed Dr, BULIC's $225,000/year contract last year.


Anonymous said...

One of your biggest public service posts ever, Mr. Slavin. Thank you.

IMO as an amateur sleuth, I see a completely different event (still murder) having transpired. For it to make sense, one must delve deeply into forensic pathology and findings for the mandible, which a complex and each almost as unique as a snowflake. But patterns have been observed.

For what it is worth, and having heard D.r Bulic admit to this reporter that a "split jaw" with a point-blank gunshot into the mouth as was done TO Michelle O'Connell would not have produced evidence of blunt-force trauma on the skin of her chin. Remember that Jeremy had a shirt stuffed into her mouth and as can be extrapolated from the bloody hole, there would have been ample fabric from that shirt covering her chin.

Therefore, no evidence at autopsy (any of them) of blunt-force trauma by the gun on Michelle's chin. But the "split jaw" is visible in the bone.

This is BIG.

I think it proves someone else -- not Michelle -- had to hold that gun in the standard position so that the thing that surround the trigger hit her chin with force and split it.

This obviates "evidence" that Michelle held the gun upside-down, stuffed the shirt down her own throat, fired herself a warning shot, and THEN managed to shoot herself in the mouth, missing tongue, teeth, etc. It is a physical impossibility and cannot be proved by any interpretation of the EVIDENCE.

Jeremy Banks donned a pair of black medic gloves (or at least one), wiped down his service revolver, beat Michelle around and likely knocked her to the ground.

He took a shot at her, but she saw it coming and she moved.

He got her shirt, convenient because she was packing to leave him, stuffed it in her mouth to muffle what he could of the shot and then pushed the barrel of his gen into her mouth as far as it could go. The trigger guard stopped the advance and he shot her.

Why was Michelle left on the floor for 15 minutes, EMTs, etc., swarming, and not a single person tried to revive her or take a pulse or offer her comfort?

There is a detail I need to add, so will post again.

This story and all images should be sent to Quantico, to any museum specializing in forensic pathology.

Anonymous said...

The portion of each side of the mandible to the "split jaw" is HOLLOW.

Anonymous said...

The detail is that the mandible is hollow.