Monday, May 09, 2016

Read the 7-Eleven Shade transcripts

Just read the April 8, 2015 and May 11, 2015 Shade Meeting transcripts on the 7-Eleven case.  City Manager, City Attorney and Commissioners functioned brilliantly, settling a social issue and solving a huge traffic problem for a de minimis cost.  

Anyone who thinks the City paid "too much" or would have "lost" the litigation: please read.  Transcripts at City Clerk's office, second floor of City Hall.

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Anonymous said... is good that we is good the City solved this problem and it is great the residents participated.

My time lets have better planning to start. Knowing the traffic issues and the "best" fix the City could have easily purchased the land for a measely $700k something then sold it to FDOT..we would have avoided all the drama and extra cost and wasteful litigation.

Its called...ta-da...urban planning. Lets try it sometime!