Sunday, July 08, 2018

$2860 for John Carrol Gorman to Qualify as Spoiler, Closing August 28th Universal Primary

Spoiler alert: By spending $2860 of his own money, John Carrol Gorman qualified to be on the November 6, 2018 ballot as a No Party Affiliation candidate. With no Democrat qualifying, there would have been a Universal Primary August 28th between Richard Williams, Erica Alber and John Blocker, allowing Democrats to vote or County Commission, Gorman's $2860 does not make him look like a credible candidate as of July 8. But his investment disenfranchised half the voters in St. Johns County. That's disenfranchised 43,665 "Others" and 42,683 disenfranchised Democrats -- 86,348 voters. leaving 95,917 Republicans, led by developer funded campaigns, to elect the next Seat 4 County Commissioner from the northeast part of St. Johns County.

Florida voters amended the Constitution in 1998 to provide for Universal Primaries if there is no opposition and all the candidates running for office are of one party. But Secretary of State Katherine Harris and courts ruled that even a general election write-in candidate with no money, no campaign and no chance of winning or running a credible campaign constituted "opposition." Mutatis mutandis, the Amendment was destroyed, as the Two Party System -- South Florida Democrats and North Florida Republicans -- some represented by Tallahassee elections/ethics lawyer MARK HERRON, have destroyed the 1998 Amendment.

Florida's Constitution Revision Commission considered a new Constitutional amendment to close the loophole, but did not vote to put it on the ballot.

Almost all of the money in Mr. Gorman's campaign went to pay his way on the ballot. No petitions.

Nice goin', Mr. Gorman. Republicans must love you. You've disenfranchised 86,248 voters.

Now, we in the reality-based community sincerely hope you have something worth saying between now and November 6.

Active Registered Voters
  • as of7/8/18
  • Democrats: 42,683
  • Republicans: 95,917
  • Others: 43,665
  • Total: 182,265

Campaign Treasurer's Report - Itemized Contributions
John Carroll Gorman
Po Box 2089
St Augustine, FL 32085
to Themselves
Total Contributions
Campaign Treasurer's Report - In-Kind Contributions
Total In-Kind Contributions
Campaign Treasurer's Report - Itemized Expenditures
Supervisor of Elections
4455 Avenue A #101
St Augustine, FL 32095
Total Expenditures
Campaign Treasurer's Report - Fund Transfers
Campaign Treasurer's Report - Distributions
* Petty cash expenditures are realized when the funds are withdrawn for petty cash. Therefore, the referenced item is not included in the total.

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