Saturday, July 07, 2018

Alan Grayson for Congress

I love Alan Grayson.  Democratic Congressional candidate Faye Armitage and I met him in Orlando on Election Night 2008.  Cool guy.  Need more Congress members with fortitude, less with attitude.

Dear Ed,
My obnoxious Republican opponent just sent out a nationwide e-mail blast, decrying me as a socialist.  To be specific, he says that I’m a “Hard Left (Some Would Say Socialist) Democrat.”
Wayne, Wayne, please take a remedial course in capitalization.  Poor punctuation is the opiate of the masses.
Also . . . the ghost of Karl Marx doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“Socialist?” Let’s see . . . .
I strongly support universal healthcare.  Check.
I not only support universal free public education, but I would expand that aspect of the creeping socialist state to public colleges, as well.  Check.
I support a $15 minimum wage.  Check.
I strongly support expanded, mandatory benefits for people who work, including paid sick leave, paid vacations, paid maternity/paternity leave, pensions and the right to organize.  Check.
I definitely support clean air, clean water, a healthy food supply and a substantial reduction in carbon pollution.  Check.
I am probably the leading national proponent of expanding pensions and healthcare for seniors, a/k/a Social Security and Medicare.  Check.
I strongly support progressive taxation.  Check.
I strongly favor government enforcement of anti-discrimination laws, and the right to choose.  Check.
Now, to be fair, I have never hugged a tree.  I have visited Vietnam, but unlike Jane Fonda, I waited until the war was over.  (I was 16 when it ended.) I celebrate Labor Day in September, not May. Personally, I have nothing against the kulaks.  I have never sung “The Internationale,” and if I did, I’m sure that I would sing it poorly. I regard it as unfortunate that Trotsky was murdered by an axe to the head, but I don’t think about it very often.
However, if comedian Jeff Foxworthy ever says to me, “You might be a socialist . . . ,” I might have to hear him out.  (But if Foxworthy says to me, “You might be a redneck,” no.)
Alan Grayson

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