Friday, July 06, 2018

St. Augustine Beach Planning and Building Department Brandishes Developer Ad on its Wall

At the July 2, 2018 St. Augustine Beach City Commission meeting, local architect Craig Thomson spoke in non-agenda public comment and revealed that there's a big fat advertising poster for a local developer on the wall of the St. Augustine Beach Planning and Building Department.  (Photo credit: Craig Thomson).  

Developer ads on the wall of a department that's supposed to regulate developers.

  • That's an appearance of impropriety. 
  • No advice from City Attorney JAMES PATRICK WILSON, a/k/a "MINIMUM JIM." 
  • No explanation or apology from City Manager BRUCE MAX ROYLE.  
  • No inquiry from Mayor UNDINE PAWLOWSKI-GEORGE or Commissioners attending the meeting.  
  • No documents exist on why this happened.
  • No policies exist on approval for such crass commercialism.
  • Reminds me of the large photos in the Florida State Senate corridors extolling "Florida development."
  • In West Virginia, coal companies own the government.
  • In Florida, developers own the government.
  • They're both enemies of the people and create environmental nightmares.
  • We, the People are watching MAX ROYLE and the ME-Publican Lords of All They Survey in St. Augustine Beach.

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