Friday, July 06, 2018

Unethical Republican Campaign Tactics: RCGSA schedules July 9, 2018 meeting to promote Political Tourist BILL McCLURE for Mayor

The Republican Club of Greater St. Augustine has scheduled a July 9, 2018 meeting to give a one-sided forum to Political Tourist WILLIAM ANTHONY McCLURE a/k/a "BILL McCLURE," (BM) who is running for Mayor of St. Augustine. The time directly conflict with the July 9, 2018 St. Augustine City Commission meeting.  

This is a NON-PARTISAN race.  It matters not to those ugly, unctuous, unethical Republicans. 

They know incumbent Mayor Nancy Shaver can't show.  (And they never invited her anyway.)

Is that supposed to be funny?

These rabid reactionary St. Johns County Republicans are, in my mother's phrase, "about as sharp as a mashed potato sandwich with the crust cut off."

Perhaps there will be undercover FBI agents in the audience, paying the requisite $5 fee, bringing a "covered dish."  

Then perhaps RCGSA Chair MARTY MILLER, "GOP BOB" SMITH and BM will have to eat crow.

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