Wednesday, September 09, 2015

450th VIP Tent(s)? Awaiting Answers

A secret party venue for VIPs.
It was an invitation to collusion, antitrust violations, Sunshine and Open Records law violations.
Ex-Mayor JOE BOLES was there, with Commissioner ODD TODD NEVILLE.
Was ex-Commissioner DONALD CRICHLOW there?
Did BOLES and CRICHLOW violate F.S. 112.313(14) by lobbying former colleagues?
They called it the VIP tent or the Sponsorship tent, for our 450th.
Big egos inside, with expensive food and free drinks, outside of public scrutiny.
This is so wrong.
No documents provided yet to my Open Records requests to government agencies today on the 450th "VIP tent(s)."
Wonder why?
Found some photos on Facebook, but have received no documents.
Not one.
Looks like a great big 'ole fancy-bears party tent for partying city staff, local politicians, government contractors, government franchisees and assorted sordid rich guys.
With Beef Wellington and big shrimp.
The one-percents were not "outed" until Patricia Reilly's letter in today's St. Augustine Record.
Thank you, Pat!
As Thorsten Veblen would say, was this a case of "CONSPICUOUS CONSUMPTION?"
MEANWHILE, monopolistic truck event vendors outside sold $2 waters and sodas, and $5, $6 and $7 beers.
Were you invited to the VIP tent?
Who paid?
What do you reckon?

No documents provided yet to my Open Records requests to government agencies today on the 450th "VIP tent(s)." Wonder why?
Pics on Facebook, but no documents. Not one.

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Please send all documents.


Please preserve all documenta.

Thank you.

Ed Slavin

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