Sunday, July 01, 2018

Running for Congress in 2016: BILL McCLURE, "Political Tourist" LIED to Melissa Ross About 2014 Medicaid Fraud Raid -- BM Said it was in "2004". Oops.

St. Augustine Mayoral candidate WILLIAM ANTHONY McCLURE lied to Melissa Ross about the 2014 raid of his mother's Medicaid mill.  Have you ever heard this louche liar, sociopath "Political Tourist?"

Listen to the lying "Political Tourist" here.

  • Hear BM say three minutes in on WJCT (NPR affiliate) interview on August 22, 2016 that the raid was "in 2004."
It was in 2014.

2014, not 2004.

BM also said the only complaint was by a "minority investor."

"That's just the public being uninformed," McCLURE said.

In the immortal sotto voce words of the late U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye during Watergate about John Ehrlichman's testimony, "What a liar."

Facts matter:
  • In 2018, McCLURE refuses to answer any questions about the Florida Attorney General Statewide Prosecutor's ongoing" investigation of McCLURE and his mother for possible "health care fraud, conspiracy to commit health care fraud, Medicaid provider fraud, grand theft, falsifying a death certificate and practicing medicine without a license."
  • In 2018 McCLURE refuses to comment on the Florida Attorney General's Statewide Prosecutor's General Counsel, Mr. James Schneider June 7, 2018 letter in response to my June 4, 2018 Open Records Request No. 2018-155, stating inter alia that "any information in the custody of the Statewide Prosecutor involving the Medi+MD matter is related to an ongoing criminal investigation which is continuing with a reasonable, good faith anticipation of securing an arrest or prosecution in the forseeable future."
Hypocrisy is de rigeur for rich Republicans:
  • Sixteen minuts in, McCLURE talked about "family values," his divorce and leading by example.

NO questions on his being a "deadbeat dad" or the 250 filings in his complex 2009-2014 child custody and divorce case.

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