Sunday, July 01, 2018

TACKY, TAWDRY "'POLITICAL TOURIST" St. Augustine Mayoral "candidate" BILL McCLURE w/ Republican apparatchiks, JOE AND CAROL SAVIAK, JAMES K. JOHNS, et al.

POLITICAL TOURIST BILL McCLURE Flagler College Asst. Professor Joe Saviak (fired as Orange County Chief Deputy Sheriff after he threatened the Florida Board of Bar Examiners because he flunked the Bar exam) with his "Political Family," including John Reardon, Roy Alaimo, Diane Scherff, et al.

🐘 — with Savannah Sizer, John Reardon, John Scott, Perét Pass, Roy A. Alaimo, Christy Paul, Jennifer Alaimo, Carol Clayton Saviak, Kim McClure, Diane Scherff, Jimmy Johns, Savannah Scherff, Christopher Chatham, Joe Saviak and Bill McClure.

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