Saturday, July 18, 2015

$2 million spent by State of Florida Secretary of State for Historic Preservation of DOW MUSEUM OF HISTORIC HOMES -- Where did it go, Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences?

This is one million dollars.

This is another million dollars. It's our money, Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences! It's our money, Florida Secretary of State.

One contractor working on the DOW MUSEUM of HISTORIC HOMES site estimates only 1/3 of the $2 million made it into the site. Where's the rest of it?


Anonymous said...

Good question. Why not ask Dana Ste.Claire who was director there until Gary Libby fired him? Ste.Claire ought to know where those bodies are buried.

If he won't tell, get the trustees at that crap museum in Daytona to release its records, or go to the State of Florida which disbursed the funds.

We do need answers.

Anonymous said...

This info should be easy enough to get with an FOIA letter.

Anonymous said...

FOIA request.

Ed Slavin said...

I requested these records months ago -- the Florida Secretary of State's incomplete response took seven weeks, and did not come until after the PZB meeting. All I got from my Request No. 2015-70 was an Excel spreadsheet. The actual grant applications and accounting records are no longer kept by the Florida Secretary of State, which claims to have destroyed them, rather than sent them to the State Library and Archives. Meanwhile, DMOAS has provided NOTHING yet, even though it is a government contractor covered by F.S. 119. Perhaps if Mr. Corneal sues MOAS for fraud, he can subpoena the records.