Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day 1791 Since Michelle O'Connell Shooting: "Coverups Never Work"

FBI interviewing witnesses. Special Prosecutor Jeffrey Ashton, State's Attorney, is also on the case. Some 1739 days ago, Michelle O'Connell was shot to death. The coverup is unraveling, and has been unravelling for 1739 days.
Do guns recoil forward?
That's what Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR, State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA, Chief Homicide Prosecutor and Ex-Judge ROBERT KEITH MATHIS, and Medical Examiner PREDRAG BULIC would have you believe. The "Gang of Four" needs to be out the door.
Justice for Michelle O'Connell
As Senator Howard Henry Baker, Jr. Said During Watergate, "Coverups Never Work." What do you reckon? Do St. Johns County elected officials coverup for each other?
Justice for Michelle O'Connell.
Ms. O'Connell was shot to death with the service pistol of Deputy JEREMY BANKS in BANKS' home on September 2, 2010, shortly after she told BANKS she was breaking up with him.
On July 22, 2015, BANKS' lawsuit against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Brian J. Davis.
This leaves FDLE Agent Rusty Ray Rodgers as the sole defendant.
As my friend James Nelson Ramsey, longtime District Attorney General of Anderson County, Tennessee, explained to me in 1981: "If you sue somebody, you confer rights on them."
Now, Agent Rodgers can take the sworn deposition testimony of Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR and Deputy JEREMY BANKS. Now.
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Photo credit: The New York Times

PREDICTION: The truth will be revealed to two grand juries and wrongdoers can and will be prosecuted.
Yes we can!

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