Monday, July 27, 2015

"RAMPANT" DOW PUD Supporters Appeal to Anti-Renter, Anti-Family, Anti-Children Prejudices in Violation of the Fair Housing Act, 42 U.S.C. 3604?

Unless you are in an over-55 community, rental units cannot discriminate against members of protected classes.  Period.  That includes discrimination against families with children.

Speculator DAVID BARTON CORNEAL threatened "a fallback position," to "rent to anyone I want." His supporters have sent E-mails that children would run "rampant" in rentals.

The only thing running "rampant" is DAVID BARTON CORNEAL and his Gang of Four -- four bought-and-paid for City officials:
1. Ex-Vice Mayor DONALD A. CRICHLOW, illegally lobbying city officials less than two years after leaving office. F.S. 112.313(14)
2. Fired Planning and Building Director MARK ALAN KNIGHT, practicing law without a license.
3. HARB Vice Chair PAUL M. WEAVER, III, testifying before PZB and bragging of lobbying nuns, and

That's what I call "rampant," redolent of the stench of corruption and lawbreaking.

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