Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stop the Dow PUD

The story in this morning's Record about the 3-2 City Omission vote to send the Dow PUD to a second reading and public hearing is in the link below.  Moving to a second reading was an expected outcome,but it was heartening that the our commissioners were willing to take the time to hear from the public even though this was not a public hearing on the PUD.  It was also very good to see that most of the commissioners and were familiar with the PUD's details and concerned about its impact on the neighborhoods around it.  The issue is far from decided and much work remains to be done.  Second reading is expected to be on August 24th.

Although accurate overall, there is one error in the article, the public comments were not "about evenly divided." Fifteen speakers were against the PUD and 11 in favor. (58% against- 42% in favor). In an election, a 16 point margin of victory would be considered a "landslide." Many thanks to those who came out last night and shared their concerns. It was good to see our supporters continue to maintain a high standard for a civil debate and decorous conduct in the hearing room. 

Click here for the article: Dow PUD Moves to Second Reading

On behalf of Protect HP-1,
Lee Geanuleas
287 St George ST


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