Thursday, July 30, 2015

Disorganized, half-baked report, no Grand Jury testimony, unfollowed leads: JEFFREY LEE ASHTON's investigator's report raises questions on handling of Michelle O'Connell shooting case and quality of justice in Flori-DUH

Read the report. Then opine.
1.  See any rules of evidence cited?
2.  Case law?  (I found a citation to one case).
3.  Legal work?
4.  Organizational skills?
5.  Critical thinking ability?
6.  Interview of JEFFREY BANKS (whose attorney submitted a "sworn affidavit")?
7.  Effort to obtain 4700 Sherlock Place hourly water usage records?
8.  Discussion of timing of Sheriff SHOAR's hush money payments of $1000 bonuses?
9.  Discussion of obstruction of justice, spoliation of evidence, and false statement charges?
10. Analysis of expert opinions?
11. Effort at exhumation?
You tell me.
 JEFFREY LEE ASHTON began his vacation today, after releasing the "investigation" report.

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