Thursday, July 23, 2015

First Amendment Protects Even Racist, Sexist, Misogynist, Islamophobe Homophobes Like DOUG RUSSO

DOUG RUSSO, self-proclaimed father of eleven, grandfather of 25, self-proclaimed "preacher," spoke to St. Johns County Commission on July 21, 2015, excoriating our local school system for seeking to spend money "buying books" and "building schools" and educating children, claiming they were spreading "homosexuality" and "Islam."  (Public comment, eleven (11) minutes in)
Play the tape: DOUG RUSSO blasted our local Clerk of Courts for granting marriage licenses to "Lesbians and Sodomites," (e.g., Gay marriage, or just plain marriage, the law of the land pursuant to Supreme Court precedent and decisions of Florida federal courts).
Hater DOUG RUSSO is most noted for:
1. Appearing in a film clip on a January 2015 episode of "The Daily Show" with John Stewart picketing St. Johns County Courthouse against Gay marriage, with a picket sign bearing the name of our Clerk of Courts, Ms. Cheryl Strickland. (Why?  Because our Clerk of Courts, Ms. Cheryl Strickland, continues Courthouse weddings, which bigoted homophobic lawbreaking Court clerks in several Northern Florida counties, and a few other places, illegally halted).
2. Leading some 20 people, mostly juveniles in jeering and waving hate signs (perhaps a form of child abuse) and for even  allegedly kicking a young man in his private parts on June 11, 2005 at the Gay Pride day held on Cuna Street in St. Augustine, after Gays and Lesbians won a First Amendment decision in United States District Court before the Honorable Henry Lee Adams, Jr.
3. Picketing with hate signs some 1000 American people peaceably and happily watching President Obama's Inauguration on large Jumbotron televisions in our Slave Market Square on January 20, 2009.
4. Joining with several colleagues in hreatening death to Gays at the December 10, 2012 St. Augustine City Commission meeting where we added "sexual orientation" to the protected classes under our Fair Housing ordinance. (To is everlasting credit, then-Mayor Joe Boles said, after RUSSO heckled the vote, "Will someone please escort that idiot out of the room?")

Haters never have a happy day.

Haters' hateful presence scares our St. Johns County Commission.

St. Johns County Commission and its inept Administrator, MICHAEL DAVID WANCHICK, refuse to extend any legal protection to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender people.

This refusal is a stunning tribute to the power of the DOUG RUSSOS of the world, and of local ninnies, bullies, braggarts, bigots and the Ku Klux Klan here in St. Johns County.

St. Augustine has moved beyond such bigotry, as has St. Augustine Beach, the Sheriff, other constitutional officers, and our Anastasia Mosquito Control District of St. Johns County.

History records that the first anti-Gay hate crime in American history was ordered and perpetrated by Florida's first Governor, St. Augustine's founder in 1566 (Pedro Menendez de Aviles ordered murder of a Gay French translator of the Guale Indian language, calling him a "Sodomite and a Lutheran." Menendez's brother-in-law wrote it down.  In 2005, a federal judge considered that fact as part of the GLBT history and ordered Rainbow flags flown on our Bridge of Lions June 8-13, 2005).

The First Amendment, in its majesty, protects DOUG RUSSO's right to be a bigot energumen masquerading as a "preacher."

But the FBI Domestic Terrorism squad in Jacksonville has every right to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution from hate crimes, and incitements to hate.  Presumably, DOUG RUSSO's rant has by now been added into RUSSO's FBI file, alongside other prior incidents.

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