Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Snooty, snarly, snotty City Commissioner TODD NEVILLE (R-PROCTORVILLE, Flagler College, Flagler Hospital), the "CYA CPA" who opposes procurement audits, said July 27, 2015 (watch tape) that he wanted to speed building demolitions, in response to a housekeeping ordinance that would clarify that no demolitions should take place until after appeal time expires. The ordinance was inspired by my unsuccessful appeal, denied 4-1 on standing grounds, of the illegal demolition of CARPENTER'S HOUSE by demolition derby contestant DAVID BARTON CORNEAL and his henchman, MICHAEL A. CONROY, who ignored City Attorney Isabelle Lopez's e-mail to fired City Planning and Building Director MARK ALAN KNIGHT.

Incredibly, odd TODD NEVILLE wanted a "shorter" period for appeal, say "15 days."

The business accountant appears to be a jejune, radical right-wing Republican Know-Nothing who thinks he's Mr. Know-it-All.

Mayor Nancy Shaver deftly deflected the CYA CPA's Philistinism: sweetly stating: "It's statutory," referring to the 30 days in the ordinance, taken from mandatory state law.

Odd TODD NEVILLE does not know as much about historic preservation or civil rights as a hog: he is the developer's and commercial landlords' hey-boy and CYA CPA.

As Bill Clinton said, "If you're driving down the road and you see a turtle on a fencepost, you know that somebody put him there." We know who put Odd TODD NEVILLE on City Commission. Read his financial reports.  (Lots of "protected" addresses -- who are they?)

During the discussion of my right to legal standing on Carpenter's House demolition, NEVILLE and developer-coddling City Attorney ISABELLE LOPEZ damned and demeaned me as nothing but a "gadfly."

PREDICTION: When shady ex-Mayor JOE BOLES' tedious tendentious toady, odd TODD NEVILLE, runs for Mayor next year, Nancy Shaver will win.  NEVILLE, who brags he talks to rebarbative reprobate Sheriff DAVID BERNARD SHOAR "every week." Think about it. (I was talking to Sheriff's candidate Debra Maynard recently, after an early-morning Commission meeting on utility issues. Odd TODD NEVILLE glared at her inside the Post Office and glared at the two of us outside the Post Office. We wear his scorn as a badge of honor.

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