Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Ex-Employer Sues Ex-Commissioner WILLIAM ANTHONY McCLURE For Breach of Contract

Disgraced ex-Commissioner WILLIAM ANTHONY McCLURE is sued for breach of contract, accused of creating a phony website and stealing confidential business information from his former employer. UPDATE: 12/30 hearing cancelled, parties "actively" working on settlement.

McCLURE with ex-SHERIFF DAVID SHOAR, who legally changed his name from "HOAR" in 1994

Accusing ex-Commissioner BILL McCLURE of breach of contract -- for using a phony website to solicit customers in its name and  misusing confidential customer business information -- PATRIOT GROWTH INSURANCE SERVICES LLC has filed a detailed complaint in Circuit Court, seeking injunction relief and attorney fees against WILLIAM ANTHONY McCLURE, disgraced former St. Johns County Commissioner.  Case No. CA21-1325.

Hearing WAS set for December 30, 2021 before Circuit Court Judge Kenneth J. Janesk. II.  UPDATE: Hearing cancelled, counsel for the parties advised court they are actively working to settle case.

  • McCLURE has now sued his second wife, Kimberly, for divorce and she has counterclaimed. 
  • Footnote: That divorce case is set for an April 4, 2022 trial before Circuit Court Judge  CHISTOPHER FEREBEE, former Chief Deputy State's Attorney under State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA.  They dropped the City of St. Augusine Beach Police Department's criminal case against LEONARD PATRICK TRINCA for his Election Day 2016 assault and battery on the late Rosetta Bailey. (TRINCA was represented by attorney Patrick Canan, who procured hoky  conclusory affidavits from distant non-witnesses Robert and Andrea Samuels, St, Augustine Beach Mayor, defeated for re-election, who both claimed they saw nothing).  

Rather than letting a jury decide the case of an assault and battery of a political candidate by her opponents campaign manager, Republican State's Attorney RALPH JOSEPH LARIZZA fixed the case out of deference for Republican St. Augustine Beach Mayor RICHARD BURTT O'BRIEN, who paid fines to the Florida Elections Commission and City of St. Augustine Beach resigning in disgrace unexpectedly,

I was at the State's Attorney's office waiting room in St. Augustine the day that LARIZZA & CO. fixed the case, accompanying Rose and Mark Bailey as they waited for FEREEBEE, who was late.  FEREBEE refused to allow me to cover the meeting -- he told me, "We don't need your help."

LARIZZA and ex-Sheriff DAVID SHOAR also fixed the case of State of Florida v. JEREMY BANKS, involving the September 2, 2010 homicide of Ms. Michelle O'Connell in BANKS' residence with BANKS' service weapon. In 1994, oleaginous ethically-challlenged DAVID SHOAR legally changed his surname from "HOAR" to "SHOAR."


Anonymous said...

I can't believe this public enemy still grifts around town here. A vicious Trumpian far right manipulator of the highest order. Do not let greasy Bill McSewer into your mind, into your life, into your neighborhood. Do not believe a word this man says and do not do business with this menace. Bill McFraud dog will sell you shit for sugar..

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to this abominable shit heel? Probably McSewer is conning some old lady out of her socks, spreading far right propaganda, or engaging in some other fraud. How many suits? How many divorces? How many elections was he trounced in? Still a public speaker? Takes an idiot to listen to an idiot...which there are plenty of in this town. Far right Billy the Bamboozler...so fat and drunk that he can barely bamboozle as he used to. It would be a fine day if he was found floating down the St John's River.

Anonymous said...

Old Billy the Bamboozler. I wonder what busted out strip mall he's squatting in now. My God the kids...I hope his ex-wife got the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Never seen a dude with this many civil suits, divorces, firings, and warrants. The arrests....where are the arrests for God sakes?

Anonymous said...

Take another swig off that wine bottle Bill...it's all over...all over. Good time to dye your hair blue and head to The Villages for good. Not gonna be an easy ride to ye old dirt nap here. Listen to reason... listen to reason.