The district oversees fire protection, planning, roads and other government services for Disney World.

In February, state lawmakers put DeSantis in charge of picking the five board members of the Disney-controlled Reedy Creek district’s board, subject to confirmation by the GOP-controlled Senate. Later that month, DeSantis replaced the five Disney-friendly members with his Republican allies.

In May, board member Michael Sasso resigned when another potential conflict-of-interest issue arose. DeSantis named Sasso’s wife, Judge Meredith Sasso, to the Florida Supreme Court.

Sasso resigned on May 22, a day before his wife was appointed to the state’s high court.

The tourism oversight district has sued Disney in state court over development agreements approved ahead of a state takeover. Disney also has a lawsuit against the district, DeSantis and state officials pending in federal court.

In an interview with CNBC Monday, DeSantis urged Disney to drop its federal lawsuit alleging government retaliation, contending the state has “basically moved on” from issues involving changes to the Reedy Creek district.