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ANNALS OF DeSANTISTAN: Suspect who fatally shot California shop owner over Pride flag had history of homophobic social posts. (New York Post)

This sad news is from California.  Is this what our adolescent Florida Boy Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS (R-KOCH INDUSTRIES) had in mind when he euchred the legislature to pass inane bills like "Don't Say Gay," and proclaimed his desire to "make America Florida?" You tell me. Angry,  adenoidal, whiny RON DeSANTiS is goofy graduate of Harvard and Yale,  who talks talks like a half-wit, half-drunk TRUMP acolyte without a heart, soul or brain. 

Do FLori-DUH Governor RONALD DeSANTIS and other hick hack haughty homophobes in politics have blood on their hands?  

They've contributed to deaths and injuries and firings and blacklisting of LGBGQ+ Americans.

They've followed history's example of demagogic leaders creating "enemies," then bad laws, then slaughter.  They're all about  creating hatred and division and unhappiness.

They seem mentally ill.

Who do they think they are?

Who are these Putin-Orban-like dybbuks think they're talking to?  This is 2023.  This is America.

Who are these heedless, reckless feckless mopes, with their faux angry, antebellum, authoritarian Weltanschauung, their KKK-adjacent kooky Kulturkampf, their "unjust laws," which Sant Augustine said were "no law at all? " 

What kind of power-mad joyless jerks lust for power and abuses that power to harass, intimidate and create a haughty hostile environment toward LGBTQ+ people, women, Blacks, Hispanics,  education, history, equality, academic freedom and "liberals?? 

You tell me.

My late friend and mentor, KKK-busting undercover investigative reporter and civil rights activist Wm. Stetson Kennedy, reported KKK to the House UnAmerican Activities Committee in 1946. Here  he is on Capitol Hill, in his undercover KKK drag, going to the office of HUAC:


 From New York Post: 

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New York Post


The alleged gunman who shot and killed a beloved California shop owner over a Pride flag she had flown outside her boutique had a history of posting anti-LGBTQ remarks on social media and far-right sites. 

Authorities on Monday identified the suspect as Travis Ikeguchi, 27, who was killed by deputies in an exchange of gunfire after he fatally shot Laura “Lauri” Carleton outside her clothing store Mag.Pi in Cedar Glen. 

Ikeguchi tore town a rainbow Pride flag that Carleton, 66, displayed outside her business Friday. When Carleton confronted him, he shouted “many homophobic slurs” and then shot her, San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials said during a Monday press conference. 

Carleton, a fixture in the community and a mom of nine, died at the scene while Ikeguchi fled. 

Deputies caught up to him about a mile from the store and he opened fire — blasting multiple squad cars, San Bernardino County Sheriff Shannon Dicus told reporters. The officers returned fire and fatally struck Ikeguchi. No deputies were injured.
Travis Ikeguchi, 27, was killed by police following the deadly shooting of Carleton. 

Ikeguchi — who was reported missing by his family a day before the hate-fueled shooting — frequently posted anti-LGBTQ and anti-abortion remarks on X, formerly known as Twitter, and the far-right platform Gab. 

In one hateful, foreboding post in June, he wrote, “What to do with the [Pride] flag?” above a photo of a burning rainbow flag on X. He pinned the post to his profile, which Dicus confirmed as his.
The shooting began after Travis Ikeguchi tore down a Pride flag outside the Mag.Pi clothing store. 
AFP via Getty Images 

He also shared an illustration of a Pride flag on fire on his now-defunct Gab page under the guise of Christianity and made anti-government and anti-police statements. 

“We need to STOP COMPROMISING on this LGBT dictatorship…True followers of Christ SHOULD NOT and NEVER TOLERATE this stupid indoctrination of LGBT agenda in marriage or in our own businesses,” he captioned the illustration. “…Who has the courage to post this and feel no shame of it!?” 

Ikeguchi often shared and retweeted Bible verses between typing his revolting posts.
Ikeguchi had a history of making anti-LGBTQ remarks on his social media accounts and made several homophobic slurs to Carleton before he killed her, officials said. 
NBC News 

Discus said Ikeguchi was not known to law enforcement before Friday’s shooting. 

The alleged killer used a semi-automatic handgun that was not registered to him and he was not licensed to carry a concealed weapon, the sheriff said. 

The investigation into the shooting — about which several witnesses called 911 — is ongoing. 

Carleton, whom friends knew as Lauri, is survived by her husband and nine children in what she had described as a “blended” family. 

She did not identify as a member of the LGBTQ community but was an unwavering supporter, according to the Lake Arrowhead LGBTQ organization.
Carleton, a mom of nine, was a beloved figure in the community and a long-time shop owner. 
Mountain Provisions Cooperative/Facebook 

Carleton was remembered in an outpouring of tributes from names big and small, far and wide. 

Friends, family and admirers turned the outside of her shop into a makeshift memorial with bundles of flowers and Pride flags as a single bullet hole could be seen through its glass door. 

“Thank you for standing up for what’s right,” one person wrote in a note left among roses and sunflowers. 

“Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig called Carleton a friend. 

“She was a wonderful person who did so much for the LGBTQ+ community as well as the community at large,” he wrote on X. “What happened to her is an absolute tragedy. If people don’t think anti-gay & trans rhetoric isn’t dangerous, think again.”
Friends, family and admirers turned the outside of her shop into a makeshift memorial with bundles of flowers and Pride flags. 
AFP via Getty Images 

The killing follows a rise in anti-LGBTQ attacks and hateful rhetoric across the country and locally. 

Advocacy group Equality California said over the past year, it has documented “a sharp increase in anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric being expressed by far-right extremists and hate groups — rhetoric which has resulted in physical intimidation, harassment, and acts of violence.” 

In late July, a teenager fatally stabbed O’Shae Sibley , a 28-year-old gay man known in the NYC dancing community, for voguing to a Beyonce song outside a Brooklyn gas station in a case that prosecutors have determined to be an anti-gay hate crime 

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17h ago
When people, like religious fanatics and opportunistic politicians incite and plant Anger in the minds of the vulnerables, it germinates and produce hate. And hate eventually kills. This is why i often say, politicians who magnify this anger, incite hate towards their opponenzs. Is it any surprise why we hear these unfortunate individuals threatening other peoples they don't even know. Check yourself and emotions, before the twisted lies, conspiracies and fanaticism that you consume make yourself belief destroy you and make you a danger to society. Beware of those lying politicians and religious extremists. 
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1d ago
This whole story smells funny as this is a strange incident. the family reported the 27yr old suspect missing? why would a family report him missing? The focus of this story is on the flag and hate...when there are many missing parts in this story 
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Anonymous said...

With intelligent design thoroughly debunked by science and arguments by religious people falling on an increasingly bigger amount of deaf ears... these whackos become more and more isolated and pissed off that the world isn't what they want it to be. Instead of admitting the truth to themselves that what they've been taught or come to believe is bullshit, they get pissed off, they group together with similar rigid minds, and they vote for people who they perceive will make things how they think they should be. When intelligence fails, might makes right, and there is always a Republican who will pander to the lowest common intellectual denominator.