Friday, August 11, 2023

Thank you and congratulations to Ohio voters

Congratulations to Ohio voters for rejecting a constitutional amendment to make it more difficult to pass constitutional amendments.  

Florida voters fell for this con in 2006. Some 58% of voters supported it, placing 60% threshold in state constitution. Florida Constitution, Article XI, Section 5(e). 

Corporate propaganda said that voters were approving trivial or unwise amendments. The example they gave was an amendment on pregnant pig protection. In fact and in truth, that amendment kept N.C. indoor pig farms from relocating to Florida after massive pollution of N.C. rivers following a hurricane. 

Corporate lobbyists and ad agencies will say and do anything to advance their crooked agendas here. A UCF consultant, crabby Marilyn Crotty, once tried to hornswoggle the St. Augustine Beach City Commission about its charter process, saying the City did not want to "tie the hands" of future Commissions by limiting building heights. The Charter Review Committee, the City Commission and the voters rejected her inane view.

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