Thursday, August 03, 2023

DeSantis calls for ‘slitting throats’ in government, escalating rhetoric. (WaPo)

Pity extremist Florida Boy Governor RONALD DION DeSANTIS. Does this wicked sick twist think he's butch? Our former Republican Congressman from St. Johns County, 2013-2018, DeSANTIS never did anything for our County. DeSANTIS notoriously stiffed meetings with our local elected officials, meanwhile making 40 appearances on Fox News. Is DeSANTIS just another developer doormat, an alien implant for KOCH INDUSTRIES, Big Oil and the American Taliban? You tell me.

From The Washington Post: 

DeSantis calls for ‘slitting throats’ in government, escalating rhetoric

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Anonymous said...

These idiots just get sued and pay other prices when they act on these impulses and listen to political figures such as Trump and DeSantis. Both of them encourage people to behave without thinking of consequences, and when people do that, well you can see what the results have been over the last five years. They expect some win by engaging in such behavior only to end up in hot water.