Saturday, August 12, 2023

St. Johns County got advance payment from TRUMP -- good call!

Before presidential candidate DONALD JOHN TRUMP and RUDOLPH WILLIAM LOUIS GIULIANI spoke here at our St. Augustine Amphitheater October 24, 2016, I contacted our St. Johns County staff.  

We are blessed and grateful that our County staff made sure that a TRUMP wire transfer cleared before allowing them on the stage of our Amp.

Note the signage and rhetoric, e.g., "LOCK HER UP," calling for the arrest and incarceration of Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Compare the current  Republican rhetoric and disinformation about "weaponization" of the criminal justice system.  

Jesus wept.  Pray for them.  


Defeat tyrants.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah he would have ripped them off for every dime and they would still vote for him. That's how stupid conservatives are. Fantasies imposed upon them by the head bobbers, phoney nationalism, and lies have turned their brains into mush.