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On Monday, August 21, 2023, 01:04:43 PM EDT, Rick <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Slavin,

Not to hijack nor diminish your present observation for concern regarding Mr. Migut's legal performance, my intent is to slam home another injustice that may even support a malpractice charge with regard to my own dealings with the County Attorney’s Office over a highly documented Public Works fraud that you are also familiar with and graciously posted my public links to:

A fraud is a dirty game of lies and abuse of power or privilege to harm others. It is really quite simple to identify, but a bitch to battle by reasonable means! When orchestrated by those entrusted with those elevated concepts by the public the damage is magnified non-linearly because it becomes such a personal affront to the victims who relied on those shysters to honorably protect them against this exact crime. 

On March 21, 2023, after 6 months of begging and even shading the Board of Commissioners and County Attorneys to investigate my property damage claim from fraud, the following is the ONLY direct response I ever got as a result. It was an enormous surprise to me, and a blatant admission of these bozos ignorant collusion and their fuck off attitudes towards their wards. Start the video at 2:10:00 to view this exchange leading to Mr. Whitehurst's reactive dismissal of hard fraud evidence by claiming only secret shared opinion as his basis:

My subsequent, broad search of Public Records and emails produced no specific attorney’s name(s) or evidence of any legal collaborations between that office, including Mr. Migut, and Mr. Whitehurst!  How can a County Attorney deny a fraud with Misrepresentation, Intent, Reliance and Harm all right in his non-responsive face??  Who is he ultimately serving with his obstructionistic conduct?

After exhausting all local, state, federal consumer resources over the last year to no avail, I am left financially pitted against a one party county government with a 1.3 billion dollar budget against my trivial social security retirement and VA service disability pension for a legal showdown using the courtroom system. Fraud sucks!

So yes, Mr. Migut should be fired at the very least!  Furthermore the entire remaining County Attorney’s Office should be read the riot act by the Florida Attorney General, Ms. Ashley Moody, about their elective apathy to ethics and collective failings in serving their duties to the entire Saint Johns County community.  That, of course, would only happen be in a perfect world.

Rick Norwood, Homeowner & Unrecognized Fraud Victim

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