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It seems that whenever there is a choice between doing something the easy way or the clumsy way, President Trump takes the second path. He did it again late last week. No, I am not talking about first inviting and then disinviting the Taliban to Camp David in the days preceding the 9/11 anniversary. I am talking about the recent move by the Republican National Committee to cancel presidential primaries and caucuses in at least four states — a move Trump said late on Monday that he was totally uninvolved in making.
That’s right, as of now, Arizona, Kansas, Nevada and South Carolina will not be holding Republican presidential primaries and caucuses. It is possible that before the deadline for making arrangements to hold nominating primaries next month, other states may follow suit. While insisting the state parties made this call entirely on their own, Trump did explain the move by saying, "They didn’t want to waste their money,” and took a moment to describe his Republican opponents to date as “the Three Stooges."